We worked for a considerable period of time with leading companies specialising in fine jewellery and fashion accessories.  Having had this experience, we were able to free our imagination and creativity and have fun designing our own pieces.

April 1997:  Opening of our  workshop (Via delle Asole Milan). 
The great friendship between us led to the creation of the brand GalanteVisconti.  Ours is a bond between two very different personalities, united through the love of creativity and jointly-held principles of life. 

We have each held a long fascination with gold.  We love it bright red, green, champagne beige, and with a sensual satin finish that accentuates the colours.  We love it hand-crafted in the tradition of the old goldsmiths.  Our pieces are precious and intricate, so we work with goldsmiths of exquisite craftsmanship.

Stones are something we have always loved too - whether crystals, gems or diamonds; we work with them with the same level of care and passion.  We only select natural stones.  The cuts, some of which are customised to our own design, enhance the natural beauty of the stones as well as their intrinsic qualities, both physical and spiritual.

We see a piece of jewellery as a luxurious plaything.  As such it has exuberance, movement and sound.  It is also a talisman - it bears the message associated with the stones embedded in it; the passion behind our design; and the sentiments of the persons buying it for themselves or as a gift.  It is a lucky charm for those sharing these emotions.  A piece of jewellery is also versatile – to be worn and combined to individual taste and mood, and each time enhancing one’s personality.

We take inspiration from daily life and also from the silence and beauty of nature.  We are curious and changeable in outlook.  We are always intrigued by human ingenuity.

Our designs are a combination of the old and the new, traditional and fashionable, period and contemporary, sacred and whimsical.

Claudia Galante and Mirta Visconti